Privatisation: Evolution of Indian Thought

This book contains the first flush of thoughts on privatisation in India which is making rapid strides and changing the fundamentals of the Indian economy. The book contains papers on wide ranging topics starting from economic liberalisation, conceptual and contextual framework on privatisation, financial implications of privatisation to equating privatisation with public shareholdings, privatisation on capital markets and privatisation in the UK. The book provides a gist of the initial debate on privatisation examining the important perspectives such as the need for privatisation in the phase of economic liberalisation, extent and scope of privatisation and financial savings that could arise to the economy consequent to privatisation and the models that could be used to identify public enterprises that could be divested from public enterprise portfolio. The paper presents a dispassionate view with regard to the feasibility of privatisation and its limitations. To present the impact of the privatisation thought the book incorporates three papers dealing with role and relevance of state level public enterprises in 1990s, India's divestment experience consequent to the introduction of new economic policy and commercialisation and corporatisation of public enterprises that could pave the way for adding further momentum to the process.