Disinvesment in India-I Lose and You Gain

The process of disinvestment in India has been fraught with challenges and controversies. Disinvestment in India: I Lose and You Gain, written by one who has been at the centre of all privatisation debates and controversies, brings to light the facts that surround the disinvestment story. It underlines the most compelling rationales behind privatisation: relief to the taxpayer and simultaneous need for funds for infrastructure development and social-sector investment.

This book traces privatisation cycles across the globe through a historical perspective by looking at the privatisation models and processes adopted in different countries. It also includes case studies of companies like BALCO, Maruti, Hindustan Zinc, VSNL, Jessop and CMC, providing an insight into the different aspects of disinvestment. This book discusses the impact of privatisation and disinvestment on companies, economies and other stakeholders, and serves to initiate a healthy and well-informed debate on the basis of facts.